Sherlock Holmes Makes The Jump To Next Gen With Crimes and Punishments


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The Sherlock Holmes adventure games from Focus Home Interactive have apparently been popular enough to warrant multiple sequels since the first game was released in 2002. The franchise has moved between various platforms, including the DS, Wii and PS3; but now is making its way onto next-gen consoles.

Focus Home Interactive announced this week that Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishments - the latest game in the franchise - will be making its way to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and PS4 in the first quarter. There is no Xbox One version planned at this time.

For those new to the franchise, the modern Sherlock Holmes games try to walk a thin line between the investigative aspects that make the BBC series so popular and the action elements that make Guy Ritchie's films also popular. In other words, you'll be solving mysteries whilst beating up bad guys.

As for the mysteries, the trailer promises players will be solving six cases throughout the course of the game. There's no mention of which cases he will be solving, but Sherlock Holmes super fans will no doubt recognize a few of the scenarios in the below trailer:

Image via GamersPrey/YouTube