Shashi Tharoor Calls For Investigation of Wife's Death


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Shashi Tharoor, the Union minister currently making headlines for his late wife's sudden death, pledged his full cooperation on Sunday in the investigation of Sunanda Pushkar's death.

Pushkar, 52, was found dead in an upscale hotel room in New Delhi on Friday, two days after she publicly attacked Tharoor on Twitter for having an affair with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar. Both Tharoor and Tarar retaliated and strongly denied the rumor; it was later revealed that Pushkar herself went into Tharoor's Twitter and posted those messages. According to the BBC, Ms Pushkar had told TV networks and journalists about the affair and was planning a divorce, and then quickly backtracked, agreeing in a joint statement that the two were "happily married and intended to stay that way," and blamed "unauthorized tweets" for causing any confusion.

Now Tharoor is calling for a quick investigation of his wife's death, hoping the results will end all the rumors of their personal lives. "I have finally had a chance to catch up with media reports and am horrified to read the reckless speculation rampant there," Tharoor wrote in a letter to Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. "I pledge my full and unstinting cooperation. Nothing short of truth will end the indignity to which my wife and I are being subjected."

The doctors examining Pushkar's body revealed in the autopsy report that the death was "sudden and unnatural," and that the body showed injury marks, although it's not certain that injury was the cause of death. There are also no signs of poison in the body, but further tests are still being conducted. Medical staff have said that full results will be released in the next two days.

Image via Wikimedia Commons