"Sharknado": Syfy Film Blows Up Twitter

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"Sharknado", a film about a tornado that throws sharks all across California, has had quite a bit of buzz around it since word got around of its existence. Last night, curious parties got the chance to see it for themselves, and then they immediately took to Twitter to talk about it.

The film, which stars Tara Reid and "Beverly Hills, 90210" actor Ian Ziering, had a super low budget (shocker) and just 18 days of shooting time. But that didn't stop the director from seeing out his vision. He says he wanted to make something lighter in plot and better in special effects.

"If Jaws is 'just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water,'" the movie's director, Anthony C. Ferrante, explained, "this is 'just when you thought it was safe to go to your living room,' 'just when you thought it was safe to take your kids to school on a school bus,' 'just when you thought it was safe to look up at the sky and have a bunch of sharks rain down on you.'"

Image: Twitter

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