"Sharknado" Sets Ratings Record In Third Airing


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The unstoppable force that is Sharknado continues to tear through the entertainment landscape like. . . well, like a tornado full of sharks. Not only will the film be coming to theaters, but it keeps delivering on its home network, SyFy.

The film pulled in its largest audience yet; for its third airing. You read that correctly. While most storms die out over time, the Sharknado only becomes stronger.

The third airing drew an audience of 2.1 million, blowing away the first airing's 1.4 million. The initial airing had all of the force of social networking in its favor, but apparently much of the audience had mixed feelings about the film. Who knows, maybe the film is spawning a strong fanbase that just cannot get enough Sharknado.

With a sequel in the works, SyFy will likely keep drawing viewers that want to bask in the ridiculous, B-movie goodness. The final airing will take place on Thursday, August 22nd, immediately before the world premier of the next step in the evolution of finned terror, "Ghost Shark". I would warn you to stay out of the water, but no where is safe from the combined powers of the Sharknado and Ghost Shark!