Shark on a TRAIN! New York Subway Shark had Nude IPhone Pics


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A body dead on a New York subway. A mystery abounds. Move over "Law and Order," because this “dead meat” goes great with mushrooms.

A dead shark found on a New York City subway left many city riders asking questions. One rider said she was simply shocked.

"It smelled extremely fishy," Isvett Verde said. "I mean, I thought I'd seen it all, but even that was a bit much. I have no idea how it got there or how long it had been there."

The mysterious nature of the event virtually sparked an Internet sensation. Police say no one is really in trouble as everyone can only speculate how the shark came to be on the train.

“The Metropolitan Transportation Authority discovered a dead shark shortly after midnight on Wednesday on an N train at Queensboro Plaza,” according to police. “If the responsible person were found, he or she would not be charged for littering because police would need to witness the act."

It wasn't just so bizarre the fact a dead animal was left rotting aboard a train. It was the timing of the bizarre occurrence. This month is "Shark Week," on the Discovery Channel. So, in celebratory fashion, riders took pictures of the shark with a few props added here and there. One media company took things a step further.

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” is a series of annual television shows dedicated specifically, of course, to sharks. Airing for the first time more than 20 years ago, the series has reportedly since become a staple in cultural consciencenous.

“When the photos started going viral, many assumed right away that it was part of a promotion for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which was ongoing at the time.”

Turns out, one family believes they know how the baby shark came to be on the train. Bergen Beach resident, Alicia Vicino says she and her kids first encountered the shark while at the beach after a lifeguard pulled it from the water. After taking a fews photos, Vicino says some teenagers came up wanting to touch it, as well.

“The were very sorry that it died, and they were very upset to see it on the subway,” Vicino said. “It was so weird.”

It didn’t take long for things to get back to New York “normal.” Subway personnel took care of business rather quickly.

“A supervisor unceremoniously tossed the dead fish in a garbage bag and dumped it in the trash. The car was then put back into service,” a MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg said. “MTA has no further information as to who left the shark on the train and do not intend to investigate further."