Shania Twain Working On First New Album In 11 Years

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Shania Twain recently confirmed that she's working on an album of new music, her first since 2002's "Up!"

The country star also announced a new Vegas show, which will begin in October and run through December. Twain made a huge entrance in the city last November, when she rode down the strip on horseback to promote her show "Shania: Still The One" for Caesar's Palace. She told Rolling Stone that she might give fans a preview of the new album during her upcoming Vegas show, but that everything is up in the air because she's working on finding the right producer for the music.

"I think it's too soon. I probably could start doing that, but I don't want to get locked into a performance mode with a song, either, until I've taken it a little further down the line," she said.

Twain says that working on a new album after so many years has proved daunting, because she wants to find the right balance between staying true to her own roots and doing things that no one has heard from her before.

"I do want it to be perfect, and I want it to be something that I really enjoy and a product of my inspiration – not a product of necessarily anything I've done before or anyone I've been before in regards to making records, because it's been a long time. I'm different, I've evolved, and I want that to be reflected in the music. At the same time I don't want to abandon the root of what I am. So it's just really determining where am I really at and just looking through that. It's not as obvious as it seems it should be," she said.

As far as inspiration, Twain says she's looking in some pretty varied places and named a surprising artist as someone she's listening to right now.

"This is last year, but I'm really stuck on Lana Del Rey. I've been listening to that one a lot more and kind of stuck on the sound of that record. I really love Raising Sand as well – Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. So that goes to show you how lost I am as far as production direction, because I'm listening to such a broad spectrum," she said.

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