Shane del Rosario: Reports of Death Proven False


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The official word at this time on Shane del Rosario is that the 30-year-old UFC fighter is on life support after suffering a heart attack on November 26th.

Rosario was resuscitated at Hoag Memorial Hospital that same day, but has remained in critical condition since his severe cardiac arrest.

After attempting various treatments with no results, doctors advised his family and friends to begin their goodbyes. Fans from all over via the internet joined in with hope and support with a "prayforshane" hashtag, but due to an early ESPN report there is a bit of confusion on if he has actually died or not. The article apparently written by ESPN writer Josh Gross has been publicly disavowed by him on twitter:

Josh Gross has written another article clarifying Rosario's status after the report here.

Although doctors say that his chances of survival are slim, his family will make the decision today to determine if they will end his life support.

[Image: UFC]