'Shadowrun Returns' Expansion Coming February 27


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As one of the earliest Kickstarter video game campaigns, Shadowrun Returns has been quite a success story. Developer Harebrained Schemes managed to more than quadruple its Kickstarter goal and then finish the solid strategy RPG in a timely fashion. The game provided fans with a solid (if a bit short) campaign and a platform on which to build their own Shadowrun stories.

This week, Harebrained Schemes announced that the first expansion for Shadowrun will be coming to PC on February 27. The DLC, titled Shadowrun: Dragonfall, is now available for pre-order through Steam. Android and iOS versions of the expansion for tablets will be released at a later date.

“The response to Shadowrun Returns has been the highlight our year, from our audience posting their wonderful reviews, to the gaming media who awarded us all of these 2013 honors, to the amazing community of content creators using our editor to create their own awesome stories,” said Jordan Weisman, founder of Harebrained Schemes. “Shadowrun: Dragonfall continues the high standards set by Shadowrun Returns, while adding in new features for the game and the editor that we hope will help draw fans even deeper into the Shadowrun universe.”

Dragonfall will feature an all-new campaign set in the Free City of Berlin. New weapons, enemies, and upgrades will also be a part of the expansion, as will the ability to save at any time - a major feature that was lacking in Shadowrun Returns.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Official Trailer (1080p) from Harebrained Schemes on Vimeo.