Seth MacFarlane Develops New Comedy: Bordertown


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If you are a fan of Seth Macfarlane's comedy, then get excited for a new hit show, with his upcoming comedy, Bordertown. As the title implies, the show will focus on the issue of immigration in the United States, and deal with race. The show has been picked up by FOX, the same network that airs his other hit show, Family Guy.

MacFarlane has come to be known from fans and critics for his inappropriate humor and satirical jokes on American society. Much like Family Guy, Bordertown will tackle controversial issues in the form of an animated comedy.

The series is about two families living in a Southwest desert town on the U.S.-Mexico border. It will focus on the intertwining daily lives of Buck Buckwald and Ernesto Gonzales, two neighbors. Buck is married and a father of three, while also a border patrol agent who feels threatened by the changing culture that has transformed the neighborhood. Ernesto is a Mexican immigrant and father, who is proud to have made it in America.

In the show, their paths cross, causing friendship and conflict, and a guaranteed dose of comedy with Seth MacFarlane behind the camera.

In addition to being the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane also voices several characters, and is the inspiration behind much of the humor on the show. Family Guy continues to be a success for the network, however other shows of his have not had the same success. The Cleveland Show was cancelled, and American Dad will be moving to CBS.

The comedic genius has also acted in several films including playing the voice in Ted with Mark Wahlberg, and is noted for his political views, and has even appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher.

Seth MacFarlane's new comedy Bordertown has been in development since 2009, and is set to debut during the 2014-2015 season. FOX has picked up a 13-episode order for the comedy series, and fans can all get ready for another hit from MacFarlane coming next Fall.

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