Selena Gomez Fed Up With Justin Bieber And His Other Women, Shares On Instagram

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On July 8, Selena Gomez posted a screen capture of a message on her Instagram account. The message read, “I just wanna give you a hug and remind you how special you are.” Gomez accompanied the image with the caption, “That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.” The image didn’t show who the image was from, which leaves fans to speculate.

Was the text message from her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber? Or as was it from someone else? A few weeks ago, the pair was seen on several dates, but some reports say that the two had a big fight before the Fourth of July weekend.

The couple had a falling out when Bieber hung out with Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jeffries, his former girlfriends. Reports indicate that Bieber even went as far as asking the girls to join him for a threesome.

Aside from her vague posts on Instagram, Gomez also liked some pictures of herself and her Behaving Badly co-star Nat Wolff. Comments on the pictures also urged Gomez to leave Bieber and be with someone who will treat her better.

Selena Gomez and Nat Wolff star in 'Behaving Badly'

One comment read, “he’d treat you so right, baby.” The other picture had a cmment directed towards Bieber and said, “someone is gonna take her away, treat her like royalty. kiss her. wake up with her every single day. show her off to the world. hangout with her. and when she's not with him, he’ll be completely loyal.”

Another report said that Gomez’s family is urging her to go back to rehab. A source said that Gomez’s family and friends want her to go back to avoid being stressed. In January, Gomez entered rehab to work out her relationship issues, young adult issues, and work issues.

Despite their troubled relationship, Bieber is reportedly still planning to spend Gomez’s birthday with her on July 22.

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