Select Droid Devices Now Getting Google Instant Beta


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It appears as though a beta version of Google Instant has been spotted in the wild, according to Droid Life. If you have an Incredible, Droid, or Droid X chances are you now have the ability to use Google Instant.

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A Droid Life forum user posted the following…

”Hey everyone. I looked around for this and didn't see anything so this might be breaking news. On my moto droid, on the google search page, under the search box, there is a line that says "instant (beta) is on". Never noticed that before. It works alright, it is a bit slow on bringing up the instant results.

Posting from my phone, so I'm not sure if I can post the screenshot I took, will post it tomorrow morning.”

It was rumored that Google planned an Instant mobile rollout shortly after the browser based one was complete, which appears to be the case here. With some phones already having a beta test a full rollout shouldn’t be far behind.

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This story is still developing so stay tuned to WebProNews for further information as it becomes available.