Sega Finally Brings Crazy Taxi To Android


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Crazy Taxi is one of the greatest arcade games ever made, and it was even better on the Dreamcast. The latter has been ported to pretty much every platform ever, including iOS, but it was still missing on Android. That all changes today.

Sega announced that Crazy Taxi is now available on Google Play for a host of Android devices. It's the same great game that you remember from your youth, but with touch screen controls that only slightly dampen the experience. It also includes the original soundtrack featuring tracks from The Offspring and Bad Religion.

Like the Dreamcast version of Crazy Taxi before it, the Android version features the core game alongside the 16 mini-games that catapulted the console versions of the title to greatness years ago. The mini-games will probably be even harder with touch-based controls, but that's part of the fun.

You can pick up Crazy Taxi from Google Play today for only $5. If you don't particularly like Google Play, it will also be available through the Amazon App Store and Samsung Store in the near future.

If you want a taste of Crazy Taxi on mobile, here's the game running on iOS. Both iOS and Android versions of the game are pretty much identical so you don't have to worry about any game breaking differences: