See GTA V's World by Car and by Plane [VIDEO]


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The release of Grand Theft Auto V is only hours away in the U.S., and gamers are already playing the highly-anticipated title in many parts of the world. Reviews for the game have been predictably outstanding, and midnight launch events are expected to be crowded.

One aspect of the game touched on in nearly every GTAV review is how sprawling and diverse the game's world is. Grand Theft Auto is the series that popularized the open-world sandbox game, and so GTAV has a lot of history to live up to. The game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos, a satirical parody of the real-world Los Angeles.

PlayStation Access today released two long, spoiler-free looks at GTAV's Los Santos and Blaine County. The first provides a tour of the game world by air. Appropriately, the PS Access narrators take off from an airport with police desperately trying to stop them. Showing off the massive scale of the map, the tour covers the city proper, the hills surrounding it, and the more sparsely populated desert areas to the north:

The second video provides a driving tour of Los Santos and its outskirts. Taking to the highway in a fast car, PS Access demonstrates a bit of the game's driving systems and gives a different sense of scale for the game by showing just how much road GTAV has: