See Breaking Bad's Amazing Alternate Ending [UPDATE]


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Come up with a list of the top five ways you imagined Breaking Bad would end. You might have thought Walt would go on an all-out rampage or maybe teach his family a lesson or two for daring to disrespect him. While the ending to Breaking Bad was as close to perfect as you can get when wrapping up a series no one wants to see end, an alternate ending has been posted to YouTube and it is awesome.

The video was originally posted to a YouTube account under the name of Michael Davies, who is the producer of Talking Bad, the post Breaking Bad discussion show. [UPDATE] The video was later pulled from the Davies account, but not before someone saved it. Check out the 3:40 video below.

Is "awesome" a strong enough word to describe how good that Breaking Bad alternate ending is? Probably not. When Bryan Cranston wakes up from his nightmare, you're probably thinking "Oh great, another one of those 'it was all a dream' endings. Boo." And then Jane Kaczmarek, who played the mom Lois on Malcolm in the Middle, popped out from under the sheets and all was right with the world.

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In the video, Cranston’s Hal wakes up terrified and tells his wife about the horrible dream he had about being a brilliant scientist and becoming a meth cook and killer. "Oh, I knew this was going to happen," Lois said. "You grow a beard and all of a sudden you think you're Osama bin Laden."

Hal also told his wife about his encounters with Tuco's horrible Uncle Tio, who repeatedly rang his bell, and about working with "man-child" Jesse. "He would always say things like ‘Hey bi—.' The ‘b word’, he would use the ‘b word."

Cranston's Malcolm in the Middle character told his wife, "The only thing that made sense in the whole dream was that I still walked around in my underwear." After he attempted (and failed) to have sex with Lois, Hal turned off the light and just before the clip ended, we saw Heisenberg's hat on a chair next to Hal's bed.

For any Breaking Bad fans looking forward to the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the series, the box set including all five seasons will be released on November 26.

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