Seattle Seahawks VS San Francisco 49ers Delayed


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Lightning crashes and a football game is delayed. Fans eager to watch the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, were disappointed to experience a longer delay than expected. Within the first quarter of the game, a delay was announced due to severe weather in the area; however, the delay was not entirely unexpected as the National Weather Service had issued a warning earlier in the day.

"Some thunderstorms could produce locally heavy rain amounts over an inch in a short period of time. This could result in localized ponding of water on roadways and may overwhelm drainage systems. In addition, frequent lightning may accompany storms," read the warning released by the National Weather Service.

The game was stopped and the delay announced with only three minutes and thirteen seconds remaining in the first quarter. While no points had been scored for either team, the game had really only just begun.

While the game was delayed an hour due to the severe weather, the teams were able to resume play the same night. The Seattle Seahawks were first to score goals in the second quarter, proving that a little bad weather was not going to be the complete downfall of an otherwise thrilling game.

Spectators of the game were quick to take advantage of the delay by posting pictures on Twitter, and commenting about the status of the game.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons and courtesy of Doublezero]