Seahawks Dominate Bing Search In 33 States


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On February 2, the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos are going to duke it out in Super Bowl XLVIII. Madden NFL 25 tells us that Broncos are going to win, but Bing tells us a different story.

Bing revealed today that the Seahawks are dominating search in a majority of U.S. states before the big game. More than 50 percent of football fans in 33 states are searching for the Seattle Seahawks before the game on Sunday while only 17 have more than 50 percent of their fans searching for the Broncos. It should be noted that most of the search volume is very close with some states showing nearly a 50/50 split in search traffic for both teams.

Seahawks Dominate Bing Search In 33 States

Of course, the search traffic for both teams is remarkably higher in their home states. Washington is especially excited to see the Seahawks head to the Super Bowl with 95 percent of all search traffic for both teams going to the Seahawks. You'd think Colorado would be just as excited, but only 85 percent are searching for the Broncos.

As for the quarterbacks, the Seahawks' Russell Wilson just can't compete with the household name that is Peyton Manning. Going into this year's game, Manning captured 72 percent of all search traffic between the two. Wilson will just have to take solace in the fact that he has the highest Klout score among all the players on both teams.

The Seahawks made a comeback in searches for the running back on both teams with Marshawn Lynch pulling 52 percent of all searches. The Seahawks had another search champion in Richard Sherman with 81 percent of all searches for the cornerback coming after his post-game interview following the NFC Championship.

Image via Bing Search Blog