Scotty McCreery Doesn't Twerk, Relies on Faith

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Scotty McCreery has played the Grand Olde Opry as see in the video clip above. He won American Idol and has gone on to become a very successful recording artist. Despite all of this incredible success in his young life the 20-year-old insists that two huge truths remain steadfast in his life. He holds strong to his Christian faith--and he promises never to twerk.

McCreery was candid during a recent interview with FOX411 about being a deeply religious young man during a time when it is often frowned upon.

"I don't want to put anyone down, but you won't see any twerking from me," he joked--referring, of course, to Miley Cyrus's lewd dance she performed on stage at the American Music Awards this past fall.

He also acknowledged that more fans within his chosen music genre are likely to accept his Christian faith than those in other genres.

"I'm not ashamed [of my faith] but I know that everyone doesn't agree with me," said McCreery. "I think especially in the country music world, if there's anyone that's going to accept it, it'll be them."

It was clear from the get go that Scotty McCreery wasn't about to put his faith on the back burner--not even after winning American Idol. He immediately began recording and performing Christian songs in addition to more mainstream country music songs.

"I wanted to have more songs with religious backgrounds," McCreery explained. "The Christmas record has strong, traditional hymns but it also has a song called "Christmas in Heaven" about missing someone that you love that's passed on and wondering what's going on up there on Christmas."

He included a song on his first album called Old King James that "talks about a bible being passed down in a family." That song earned him a nomination for the Mainstream Inspirational Country song at the 2013 ICMAs.

The See You Tonight singer with the rich, deep baritone voice is about to embark on a cross country tour.

"The road is a fun place and it's a great place to get out there and explore the country. But as far as the road life with the 'rock and roll temptations,' there's not much of that with me," Scotty McCreery says. "Luckily I've got a great group of guys in my band. We we don't usually face the temptations that you see in the old rock style kind of folks."

Kudos to Scotty McCreery for being his own man, surrounding himself with a great support network and continuing to wear his strong faith on his sleeve when it may not be popular to do so. And even bigger kudos to him for vowing to never twerk. That's just something no one with even a grain of self-respect should do, and Scotty clearly has way more than that.

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