Scott Disick Apartment Hunting: Where's Kourtney?


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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have had a rocky relationship the last few months and it looks like things are getting worse. Scott was allegedly spotted apartment hunting this week, which has led many people to assume that he and Kourtney are no longer living together.

Several months ago Kourtney and Scott purchased a new home together. Scott was dealing with alcohol abuse issues at the time and Kourtney threatened that if he didn't stop drinking, she would leave him.

Scott promised Kourtney that he would not drink until she gave birth to their third child and he stuck with his promise for a while. Several weeks ago it was reported that Scott fell off the wagon and was seen drinking and partying on several occasions.

Earlier this month a source close to Kourtney said that although it seemed like Kourtney was planning to make Scott leave, she was ultimately afraid that he would choose to leave her and his family and go back to his partying ways.

Recent rumors suggest that Scott may be planning to leave and he was allegedly seen apartment hunting by himself earlier this week. Kourtney is very pregnant so it is not likely that she and Scott are planning to move their family.

Neither Scott nor Kourtney has addressed the rumors and it is possible that they are still getting along well and planning for the birth of their third child.

Do you think Scott is really out hunting for a new bachelor pad?