Sci-Fi Shooter 'Alien Rage' Coming This Fall


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Though gamers are anxiously awaiting the launch of the next generation of home consoles, the current generation will no doubt continue for years. As an example, next-gen titles such as Titanfall and Knack will be launching around the same time current-gen titles such as Grand Theft Auto V. And current-gen titles are still being announced.

City Interactive Games, the developer and publisher of the Sniper: Ghost Warrior games, today released another teaser for its upcoming shooter, Alien Rage. The game is a science fiction first person shooter that takes place on an asteroid in deep space. The asteroid is filled with a valuable resource not-so-subtly named "promethium." CI games' announcement stated that it will be up to gamers to "prevent the universe's prize of promethium from falling into the wrong hands" by "taking down everything that comes in their way."

Alien Rage will be a downloadable title for Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PC. The game will feature 14 levels and 10 "epic weapons" that have two firing modes each. There are also "mega-sized" bosses. CI is pushing that game as a "challenging" shooter with "unforgiving enemy AI" in the tradition of 90s-era shooters.