Satan Statue Design Controversy In Oklahoma

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A 7-foot Satanists’ statue design was presented by members of the Satanic Temple on Monday. The group wants to place its monument at Oklahoma's Capitol building, next to the monument of the Ten Commandments.

The design depicts Satan as a bearded, goat-headed character seated on a pentagram-decorated throne. The goat-head figure is flanked by two smiling children.

The Satanic group, which is based in New York, formally submitted its request to Capitol Preservation Commission, which is responsible for overseeing Capital grounds.

According to the temple’s spokesman Lucien Greaves, the monument will have a “functional purpose” of bringing people of all ages to sit on the lap of Satan for contemplation and inspiration. He said statue has been designed to “reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City.”

The Satanic Temple has argued that it has the right to place its statue at the Capitol building since the Oklahoma legislature authorized a privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments to be placed there. The American Civil Liberties Union has since sued to have the Ten Commandments monument removed.

Other groups including Animal rights group and the SatiricalChurch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster have placed similar request with the panel. The panel recently placed a hold on any new requests pending a hearing and determination of the lawsuit.

The request by the satanic group has sparked opposition from elected leaders with the majority of them saying that the request will never be considered. The group has already demonstrated its seriousness by raising nearly $10,000 (out of the $20,000 needed) to erect the monument.

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