Sarah Silverman Awkwardly Returns Jimmy's Stuff On Jimmy Kimmel Live [Video]


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As many people who pay attention to that sort of thing know, Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel were a couple for several years, and then broke up, which made big headlines at the time. Well, the two celebrities had an awfully awkward moment on Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, when Sarah Silverman was the guest of the night.

In a hilariously awkward segment, Silverman came on to the set along with a box full of stuff, and used the opportunity to return his things to him. The celebrity couple split up in 2008 after five years of dating, only to reconcile their romance, and then breakup again in 2009.

It may have just been for the cameras, but this reunion was certainly an odd one, and something that they might not want to share with the public in the future.

The box was labeled "Jimmy's stuff" and she returned his basic things to him during the encounter on the show, including an old toothbrush, socks, and a pair of jeans.

Shortly after Kimmel and Silverman broke up, he started dating Molly McNearney, and the two of them got married in July of this year. The couple joked about it on the show, with Kimmel saying "You Heard about that huh?"

Before Sarah Silverman walked out on the scene, he introduced her as an Emmy winning actress, and assured the audience that there was nothing awkward about having her there.

Image via Youtube