Sarah Palin's New Online Network Is More of the Same

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Erstwhile Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is launching a new subscription-based online network.

That is one of those sentences that sounds lot more impressive than it really is. Kind of like saying, “Our company is utilizing the information superhighway to maximize customer outreach,” when what you really mean is, “My nephew set up a Blogspot page for us.”

Sarah Palin’s new “subscription-based online network” appears to be a glorified YouTube channel combined with a blog that allows her to say all the same things that she says on her Facebook page and sundry opinion pieces on Breitbart and elsewhere. But this way people pay her $9.95 a month to get to hear it.

Palin’s new “network” is carried on the TAPP video platform, which is so excited about her channel’s launch that their site does not even mention it in their channel lineup. You have to look on the “Press” page to see a link to someone else’s article about it, buried in dozens of other links about their launch.

Palin touts her new network as a bold alternative, a place where she can talk directly to fans about things that the powers-that-be don’t want her to talk about.

“We’ll go beyond the sound bites and the media’s politically correct filter to get to the truth,” she assures fans.

Within the “network” there is a Bristol Palin blog, a “best of” section with a single link to a past Palin Fox News op-ed, and a video that features Palin herself riffing on her favorite topic: Why Obama is a poor President and can’t handle Putin.

"A final thought about Team Obama's handling of this Ukrainian situation: you know, it didn't have to escalate like this. A good leader is able to avoid crises before they escalate. A good leader steers world events instead of merely, you know, just kinda going with the wind and responding to one crisis after another by whipping up strategies on the fly. After the tanks start rolling. After the missiles start exploding and innocent people get killed. President Obama's leading from behind? Well, it's not leading. It's reacting. And that's not a safe place to be in a dangerous world full of bullies, and terrorists, and tyrants. America, you deserve better.”

The really bizarre thing about Palin’s new “network” is that it is a startling case of life imitating art. It would appear that SNL was way out ahead of her on this one.

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