Sarah Palin: "It's Time to Stiffen Our Spines"

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Sarah Palin had some pretty harsh words for the Republican party yesterday as she spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition's annual fall banquet. Her words were geared toward the members of the party who agreed to go ahead and fund Obamacare to end the government shutdown, according to Reuters.

She was joined in her efforts by Mike Lee, Republican from Utah, and Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas and Tea Party star, both of which were instrumental is the ill-fated attempt to defund Obamacare.

Palin told the audience it is time to "stiffen our spines" for the 2014 elections. "I want to encourage you to make your voice heard, to hold politicians accountable," she said. But that wasn't all she said about politicians.

She had some sharp words for those who caved to the pressure in the government shutdown ordeal. "They promised that they would do everything in their power to fight against socialized medicine, against Obamacare, but when it came time to stand and defund it, they waved the white flag of surrender and they threw under the bus the good guys who did stand up and fight for us," Palin said, speaking of those like Cruz and Lee.

In his speech on Saturday, Mike Lee had some ideas to think about before the next election season, such as "market-based alternatives" that could replace Obamacare if the Republicans hope to have success at the polls in 2014.

"Frustration is not a platform. Anger is not an agenda and outrage, as a habit, is not even conservative," Lee said.

Cruz made a visit to Iowa last month where the first electoral event in the nominating process is held, making it a key state in election campaigns. Hmmm. I smell hopeful candidates. Would you vote for a Palin/Cruz ticket?

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