Sara Sidner: CNN Reporter Hit With Rock On Live Air While Reporting In Ferguson


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Sara Sidner, a CNN reporter, was hit in the head with a rock on live air while she was reporting in Ferguson, Missouri.

Sidner was giving her report on the many buildings that had been set on fire by protesters to Jake Tapper in the studio when the rock hit her in the side of the head.

After regaining her composure, Sidner told Tapper: "Sorry, I just got hit by a rock. I’m okay, I’ve been hit with much worse in my day. I just have a little bump on my head."

Another CNN reporter Stephanie Elam had debris thrown at her as well outside of the local McDonalds. While Stephanie simply left the scene, Sidner stayed and finished her report.

CNN's Don Lemon, Van Jones and Chris Cuomo fell victim to the police force's tear gas as they tried to break up the riots in the streets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While Ferguson has seen many protests in the past few months, the riots escalated last night after the jury voted not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Later that night, Sidner took to Twitter to assure her viewers that she was fine. "All I have is a bump on my head. Turns out it was a bottle thrown from a car. Thanks for your kindness. I'm fine. But #Ferguson is not," she tweeted.