Samsung's Rumored Smartwatch Gets The NMA Treatment


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At this year's Mobilebeat conference, Samsung said that it was investing heavily in wearable computers. The company will start out with smartwatches, but it thinks we'll soon have computers in our clothing.

Now, we could bore you with a bunch of conjecture over what a Samsung smartwatch might look like, but it's more fun when NMA does it. Besides, I think they're onto something with the computer that's embedded into a bikini.

In all seriousness, it's only natural for Samsung to invest in wearable computing. Google Glass is already changing how we perceive computing, and it's pretty much a given that Apple will release its rumored iWatch this year or next. Samsung can't afford to be late to the party if wearable computing really does take off.

If it does, maybe we can expect something like the Samsung Apex in the future.