Samsung Will Continue to Supply Apple, Says Report


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As Samsung grew into Apple's main competitor in the high-end smartphone space, Apple used all of its might to hold back the Korean company while at the same time still using Samsung as a supplier. Apple did attempt to weaken its ties with Samsung last year, ordering DRAM chips from a different company, but it seems now that Samsung is one of the only companies in the world capable of supplying Apple with certain iPhone and iPad components.

DigiTimes Research today reported that Samsung will remain a major Apple supplier throughout the next year. Apple will be ordering panels from Samsung for the foreseeable future.

Apple had been rumored to be switching more panel orders to companies such as LG and AU Optronics, but it seems that is no longer the case. DigiTimes cites unnamed supply chain sources as stating AU Optronics is running into difficulty manufacturing Retina displays for the upcoming refresh of the iPad Mini. Samsung, LG, and Sharp are expected to land extra orders due to these difficulties.

Samsung and LG are also reported to be the major suppliers for iMac panels, with LG supplying the majority. As for iPhone panels, LG and JDI are rumored to be expanding capacity to draw orders away from suppliers such as Samsung and Sharp.

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(via DigiTimes)