Samsung Takes on the iPhone 5 in New Ad


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Samsung had been riding high all summer. After HTC stumbled on the U.S. release of their One X smartphone, Samsung's Galaxy S III became the new must-have Android smartphone. Just last week the company announced that over 20 million of the devices have been sold. But then came the iPhone 5 announcement last week, and it seems the entire world has forgotten there are smartphones that aren't iPhones.

While Apple's brand will certainly sell millions of iPhones in the coming weeks, Samsung still thinks the Galaxy S III is a winner. To emphasize this, the company took out full-page ads in publications across the U.S. this weekend. The ad, seen below, directly compares the features of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III. The message at the top, "It doesn't take a genius," is a double entendre that refers to both Apple Genius' and how clear Samsung believes it is that the Galaxy S III beats the iPhone 5 on features.

There are, of course, a few things that Samsung neglected to include on their comparison. Most notably, there is no mention of the Apple A6 processor that will run the iPhone 5. It was one of the few features that Apple managed to keep secret until launch day, and it will almost certainly out-class the 1.5Ghz dual-core processor in the Galaxy S III. Also, while Samsung manages to pack all of its software onto the list (including silly features such as "shake to update"), only Apple's Siri manages to make the list of iPhone 5 features. Passbook is conspicuously absent.