Samsung Once Again Goes After Apple Fanboys in a New Ad

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Samsung has never been one to shy away from directly making fun of Apple and their fans in product advertisements. See exhibit A, this ad for the Galaxy S II that digs at Apple's lack of turn-by-turn navigation and crappy battery life. Or exhibit B, this teaser as for the Galaxy S III that takes the original position of referring to iPhone owners as sheep.

When the Galaxy S III finally launched in the U.S. earlier this summer, Samsung released a couple of ads for the device that didn't even mention Apple or the iPhone. But of course, we knew that Samsung's marketing people would have to take a swipe at Apple when the iPhone 5 launched.

Now, the iPhone is hitting stores in two days and Samsung is on the offensive.

Earlier this week, they took out full page ads in multiple U.S. media outlets with their "it doesn't take a genius" ad campaign that compared the Galaxy S III to an iPhone 5-esque smartphone. "The next big thing is already here," said the ad.

Today, Samsung has gone back to their old ways of making fun of hipsters waiting in line for Apple products with this new ad that, among other things, suggests that the iPhone is the phone of your mom and dad. Check it out:

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