Samsung Makes Its Smartphones Easy To Use For First Timers


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While a majority of Americans now owning smartphones, it's hard to think that there are still people out there who have never used one in their life. There still are, however, and many of them don't want to upgrade out of fear. They're scared of change and think it's going to be more complex than what they currently have. Well, Samsung is here to put an end to that.

Starting with the Galaxy S3, Samsung has created a new mode for their smartphones called Easy mode. As the name suggests, it changes the phone's UI to be more welcoming and familiar to first time smartphone users while preparing them for the standard interactions we have with our smartphones everyday.

To learn more, check out Samsung's latest video:

Interestingly enough, easy mode can also double as a smartphone UI for the vision impaired. It's a common complaint among smartphone users with vision problems that the text and icons are too small. Easy mode makes everything bigger so users are better able to read them.

Easy mode is available on all current Galaxy S and Note smartphones. You can find it the My Device section under Settings. If you need more instructions, check out Samsung's help page.