Samsung Galaxy S IV to be Revealed in February


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It seems that Samsung is now doing well enough to be worthy of some rumors of the impending announcement of its next Galaxy S smartphone. Usually these types of rumors are reserved for Apple's iPhones, but it appears that the Galaxy lineup is now prolific enough to rate for months-out rumors.

Today, ZDNet is reporting that Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S IV at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next February. ZDNet is citing an anonymous "company official" as saying the device will then be released "a month later at the latest." A March release date for the Galaxy S IV seems early, but the official is also evidently confident that the new smartphone will be able to compete with the iPhone 5 and told ZDNet that it will be Samsung's most powerful smartphone to date. Specifically, it is rumored to sport a quad-core processor and a larger 5" screen with an OLED display.

If it seems that Samsung's current flagship Galaxy device, the Galaxy S III, just launched, you are right. In the U.S. at least, it has only been out for around three months, and its launch was less than smooth. Still, in the time it has been available, Samsung claims to have sold 20 million of the devices. That doesn't touch the expected 250 million iPhone 5's that are expected to be sold, but it is a sign that Samsung is on the right track with their smartphones.