Samsung Galaxy S III The First SAFE Phone In The U.S.


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With our increasingly connected world, people have to make sure that data is safe. Data safety is especially important for businesses who don't want corporate secrets making their way out through a misplaced data transfer on smart phones or other easily made mistakes. That's why Samsung is all about making their smartphones SAFE

Samsung announced today that the Galaxy S III is the first phone to get the Samsung Approved For Enterprise (SAFE) label in the United States. The move was made in response to their projections that say Android will be the number one platform for enterprise smartphones by next year. The Galaxy S III has a number of new features that should help make it the brand of choice for enterprise markets.

Samsung says that the Galaxy S III "supports a full suite of enterprise-ready features and capabilities" right out of the box. Some of those features include support for on-device AES-256 bit encryption, enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and support for Virtual Private Network and Mobile Device Management solutions.

“It’s now safe to say that the ‘Next Big Thing in Enterprise’ is here with the near-term availability of SAFE-branded Galaxy S III devices at five U.S. carriers,” said Tim Wagner, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Sales at Samsung Mobile. “The highly desirable, SAFE-branded and QA-tested Galaxy S III smartphone systematically defragments Android to provide a consistent level of IT compliance for individuals who demand the very best in both their personal and professional lives.”

As you can see, Samsung is really going all out to capture the enterprise market. After RIM began to crash and burn, other handset manufacturers jumped at the chance to capture the lucrative enterprise market. Since Samsung is now the number one consumer Android device manufacturer, it just makes sense for them to go after the Enterprise market.

In other good news, Samsung will be starting a program called SAFE2SWITCH for those who want to trade in their old smartphones for the Galaxy S III. They'll take handsets from both Samsung and their competitors. The deal isn't just for Enterprise customers either as regular consumers can trade up to the Galaxy S III as well. Unfortunately, my HTC Inspire 4G is only worth $80.