Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Sales Predicted to be Slow


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Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. The device is Samsung's direct competitor to the iPad, and comes with impressive specs and software. However, the tablet industry is currently in a shift toward smaller tablets. The less-expensive 7-inch tablet category is already taking a bite out of the sales of larger tablets, a trend that seems likely to continue even as mini-tablets edge up toward 8-inch screens.

Today DigiTimes is reporting that even the tech supply chain isn't bullish on the Galaxy Note 10.1's prospects. The report cites unnamed "industry sources" as saying ititial sales of the Note 10.1 are expected to be only 400,000 to 600,000 units per month. That's an estimate for worldwide unit sales. These same sources expect Samsung to cut component orders for the Note 10.1 shortly after its September 25 release.

The report blames the low expectations squarely on the popularity of 7-inch tablets. Smaller tablets now account for a clear majority of tablet sales, and even Apple is rumored to have lowered its orders for its full-sized iPad. DigiTimes' sources even put forth the theory that even Samsung has low expectations for the Note 10.1, and that the company is releasing the tablet simply to defend its market share of the premium tablet market.

(Image courtesy Samsung)