Samsung Expanding its Enterprise Solutions Business


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As Samsung continues to increase its share of the global mobile phone market (and the Android smartphone market in particular), it is also continuing to expand its business into other areas of the worldwide tech segment. Today, rumors have surfaced stating that Samsung may soon aggressively expand its enterprise soultions.

DigiTimes today reported that Samsung's new enterprise security suite, Knox, is the first move in a Samsung strategy to expand its enterprise market share. The report's unnamed "sources from the PC industry" have stated that new Samsung initiatives will focus on integrated solutions for both hardware and software in the "bring your own device" segment. Knox allows companies to limit employees' devices, approving only business applications while still allowing them to use their preferred hardware.

As the DigiTimes report points out, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer have also recently expanded their enterprise solution offerings. As PC shipments decline the PC industry faces the prospect of an industry-wide contraction, PC manufacturers are turning to enterprise solutions as a possibility for future expansion. HP, one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world, last year expanded its enterprise security initiatives. HP has also reorganized to better emphasize data initiatives from Autonomy and other HP companies.

(via DigiTimes)