Samsung Easy Phone Sync Helps You Dump Your iPhone


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Switching to a new phone is often a daunting task. Getting your contacts, messages, apps, photos, and whatnot moved to your new phone can be a tricky process, and sometimes not everything makes it. The process is especially daunting if you're jumping ship from one mobile phone OS to another - i.e., from iOS to Android, or vice versa. For many smartphone users who are thinking of making a switch, that can be enough to make them decide to stick with the platform they're on.

With the Galaxy S III hitting the U.S. soon (kinda), Samsung wants to make it as easy as possible for would-be users to switch to their new flagship phone. With that in mind, they've released Easy Phone Sync. The purpose of Easy Phone Sync is to make switching from an iPhone to any Galaxy device as easy as possible. You install Easy Phone Sync on your computer and on your Galaxy phone. The app transfers all of your content - music, photos, videos, messages, podcasts, and all - from your computer to your new phone.

The app is free for Galaxy owners. The Android app is available from Google Play. The desktop version is available for both Mac and Windows, and is available at

Easy Phone Sync

While it may not be quite as easy as syncing a new iPhone using your old iPhone's backup, it looks pretty darn close. If you're switching from the iPhone to one of Samsung's devices, this sounds like your best bet for migrating your stuff to your knew phone.