Samsung Blasts iPad, Praises Galaxy Note 10.1 In Press Email


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Apple's announcement of their latest iPad on Wednesday prompted a variety of reactions from members of the media, techies, consumers, and more. While most people seem to think Apple's newest creation is pretty cool, some were a little disappointed. Some dislike the name, others were underwhelmed by the list of features. Most took to Twitter or their blogs or whatever other media were at their disposal to express their displeasure.

It turns out that Samsung wasn't terribly impressed by the new iPad either, and chose a... unique way to express how underwhelming they found it. They emailed the press. After the event they sent an email to various members of the press with a grid comparing Apple's new iPad to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 10.1. Check out the image below and pay attention to which features Samsung chose to highlight in the grid:

Galaxy Note 10.1 vs. The New iPad

Notice a theme? Of the seven tasks listed on the grid, only two unique features are actually discussed: the S-Pen (stylus) and the ability to have two apps open at the same time (provided the apps are optimized for it). Now, the ability to have two apps open at once is pretty neat, and the stylus is potentially pretty handy, Samsung is pretty plainly trying to do a lot with only two features.

Of course, the grid also includes other features of the Galaxy Note. It is thinner (by 0.5mm) and lighter (by 0.15lbs) than the iPad. The microSD card slot and USB port are features that many iPad users have been wanting. Those, however, aren't the focus of the comparison. Of course, those features are fairly common to Android-based tablets, while the dual app and S-Pen features are more unique to the Galaxy Note 10.1

What do you think of Samsung's grid? Would you buy a Galaxy Note 10.1 instead of an iPad? Does the grid influence you one way or another? Let us know in the comments.