Sacha Baron Cohen Pranks At BAFTA Awards [Video]


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Sacha Baron Cohen has always been known for his outrageous pranks, and often times, inappropriate brand of comedy and humor. He has proved to be no different in this case, as he went wild when he accepted the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence In Comedy. He was accepting the award from the BAFTA LA Jaguar Britannia Awards, which took place in Los Angeles on Saturday.

In hilarious, and traditional Sacha Baron Cohen fashion, he "killed" an old woman on stage, and the audience was shocked, until they all realized that they were simply a part of a classic joke of his. It all started when Salma Hayek wheeled the woman out on to the stage, and she was holding a cane.

The woman was Grace Coddington, and she is the last living actor who had appeared in one of Chaplin's films, City Lights. Once Sacha Baron Cohen's prank started, he walked over to the actress, took her cane, and started dancing around the stage.

After that, things got a little interesting when he broke the cane, and fell into her. This caused her to fall face first into the audience, with the wheelchair containing her flying off the stage, and hitting the floor. Of course, Charlie Chaplin was known for outrageous antics, but never did anything quite like this.

After the audience realized that the whole thing was a prank, and started laughing Sacha Baron Cohen said "Grace Collington is the oldest, sorry, was the oldest I dedicate my award to her. It's obviously a tragedy, but on the bright side what a great way to go. She'll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam section…Anyway tonight is not about her, it's about me."

Image via Youtube