Ryse: Son Of Rome To Get Season Pass


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The online pass is all but dead. Long live the season pass.

That seems to be the rallying cry of the games industry these days as more and more publishers abandon the much maligned online pass in favor of something that, at least on the surface, looks to be consumer friendly - the season pass. After all, you're basically pre-ordering upcoming DLC for the game instead of being punished for buying it used. It sounds like a pretty good deal, but some people aren't fans. Well, the practice isn't going anywhere anytime soon as Microsoft has announced that its Xbox One flagship title - Ryse: Son of Rome - will be getting a season pass.

In today's announcement, Microsoft says the multiplayer component in Ryse: Son of Rome will be getting spruced up with a variety of content over the course of its life. That content will hopefully turn what looks like a pretty standard horde mode into something more exciting.

The Ryse season pass will include four add-on packs that include 14 new multiplayer maps, a new game mode, six player skins, new level events and a new tier of weapons and armors. All of this will be offered to players for $19.99 upfront which Microsoft claims is a 25 percent discount versus buying each pack separately.

Oh, and to further incentivize into buying content that doesn't exist yet, Microsoft will throw in an in-game sword and shield with bonus attributes for use in multiplayer. So even if something happens and Crytek can't deliver your season pass content; you'll at least have a shiny new sword and shield that cost you $20.

[Image: Xbox Wire]