Ryan Seacrest Remembers Joan Rivers


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Ryan Seacrest and Joan Rivers have crossed paths many times throughout his years with E! News.

Like many fans and notable names in entertainment, Seacrest was effected by the death of the famed comedian-television host.

So, on Monday, September 6, Seacrest reflected on his interactions with the Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best reality TV star, reports Hollywood Reporter.

"They taped Fashion Police every Friday at the E! building where I would do my show on a daily basis, where we broadcast my radio show, and she would be out in the hallway having an omelet before they taped the show," Seacrest said on CBS This Morning.

Seacrest went on to give a personal account of Rivers' early morning antics. Even at the crack of dawn, the Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show host would be "going a million miles per hour."

"First thing in the morning, she'd be going a million miles per hour, and she'd be doing her shtick, even in the hallway," he said.

"So when I would go out to go to the bathroom during a long song, she would say things like, 'That is such a great shirt. Do they make it in men's?' I mean, OK, Joan's in the building, working! But it was like that every time she was around. And I think that, as Melissa said, she would want us to laugh."

The 39-year-old radio personality also recounted the times he'd interviewed Rivers. He even revealed there were times he didn't even know how to react to some of the things she would do and say.

Her quick wit would often leave him wondering whether or not it was appropriate to laugh at some of the things she'd say!

"When you would interview her, you knew she had her shtick. You knew you needed to tee her up. And every time you tee'd her up, she delivered," he said.

"Many times I didn't know whether I was allowed to laugh or not, because it was, the line was there and sometimes it would go across. But you really did laugh at everything she said."

Joan Rivers passed on Thursday, September 4 due to serious complications she experienced during a surgical procedure.