Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Spend Holidays In Aspen


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Married couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively know how to spend the holidays right. The couple spent Christmas in Aspen, Colorado. Before their trip, Blake joked about a Christmas gift she was hoping to receive from Ryan and suggested that it might be a tad expensive.

“Ugh! There are these estate earrings! They’re this beautiful circle! Their estate pieces are incredible too because [they] show how timeless Van Cleef is. There will also be bankruptcy commercials for us [if we got them],” Blake said about the gift.

It's safe to say that Blake and Ryan won't have to worry about bankruptcy anytime soon. Although Ryan may not be playing the role of the Green Lantern in the new Batman vs. Superman film, his net worth is still over $45 million.

Blake is pretty successful as well and will be launching her own website in the near future. Apparently she wants to keep it a surprise, and wasn't willing to give out many details in a recent interview when she said,

"I don't know if it's a lifestyle site. I was very vague about it, and because of that, everyone was filling in the blanks about what other sites it could be like. It's not accurate." "By the time it launches, it will have been around for two years. So it's a lot of time, energy, efforts, resources, working with amazing people," she said.

Neither of the two seemed worried about money or their careers as they strolled through Aspen and enjoyed each other's company during the holidays. So what do the two have to look forward to when they return home? If rumors are correct, they may be expecting soon.

Both Blake and Ryan have said in numerous interviews that they are ready to start a family and may be trying to get pregnant.

Do you think Blake and Ryan make a good couple and are ready for a baby?

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