Ryan Gosling Has A Look-A-Like In Australia


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Well, brace yourself ladies, there is now word of another man out there who looks just like Ryan Gosling. It has been discovered that there is a man resembling him living in Australia. The Gosling look-a-like, Grant Hazell, is British, and also a former cop.

With Ryan Gosling being one of the most adored male celebrities by females everywhere, Hazell has had his fair share of people on the street mistaking him for the star, and is constantly pestered by fans.

After being approached enough times as the spitting image of the popular actor, he finally decided to capitalize on his the lucky looks that he was given, and has become a professional Ryan Gosling look-a-like. His wife sent his photo off to a talent agency, and since May, he has been working as a professional look-a-like, making $320 per night.

The 35-year-old Hazell even received hundreds of Facebook messages, believing that he was trying to use an alias, and women are constantly declaring their love for him on the street. He is married with two children, and was urged by his wife to pursue a career as a look-a-like.

A make-up artist who was working with him, said that he was not interested at first and that "He refused to watch his films and was embarrassed that I suggested he looked like him. I loved the fact that he was the spitting image of Ryan Gosling."

He acknowledged the idea of how he looks like Ryan Gosling, and that it is not such a bad thing when saying "He's a cool guy and a great actor. It's not a bad thing to look like one of Hollywood's most wanted men."

It must be nice for Hazell, as men all over the world wish they could look like Ryan Gosling. He has now made a job out of his similarity with the famous actor, who initially leaped to stardom for his good lucks that were seen in The Notebook.

Today is also Ryan Gosling's birthday, and what better way to celebrate than finding a long lost twin?

Image via Twitter