Russell Wilson Attended Manning's QB Camp as a Teen


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Over the next two weeks, we are sure to hear a ton of media stories stemming from Super Bowl XLVIII. Of course, the quarterback battle will dominate the headlines as veteran and future hall of famer Peyton Manning takes on second year standout Russell Wilson. Here's an interesting twist to the story, Russell Wilson attended one of Peyton Manning's passing camps as a sophomore in high school.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Wilson was not shy about admitting that Manning is one of the best to ever play the game. The Seattle signal caller spoke of the example that Manning set, "There's thousands of kids there and I was actually in his group. I think 12 or 15 other guys, and just how much he showed for the kids at the time and how much detail he always talked about and how much of a perfectionist he was, and I try to use that in my game. He added, "I have a long way to go, obviously, I just try to do all the little things, and that's what he does."

Manning even remembered Wilson from their time together at camp. Well, at least, maybe he did. Wilson told reporters, "When I was getting drafted the Denver Broncos brought me to Denver and he was sitting there in the locker room, and I went up and talked to him." Wilson continued, "He said, 'Have I seen you before somewhere? I think I've seen you before somewhere."

Seattle defeated the 49ers at home last Sunday to earn the right to face Denver at the big game on February 2nd in New Jersey. The matchup will be the ultimate battle of offense versus defense. Manning's Broncos are considered a total offensive Juggernaut while Wilson's Seahawks are a defensive brick wall that will look to run Marshawn Lynch in a ball-control offense in an attempt to keep Manning off the field.

The Seahawks are currently on the short-list of teams that have never won a Super Bowl. They went to the dance once back in 2006 but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Meanwhile, Manning will look for his second title. He won a championship while with the Indianapolis Colts in 2006 against the Bears and was also named the Super Bowl MVP that year. Denver won back to back Super Bowls under John Elway in 1997 and 1998.

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