Rumor: Apple iTV To Begin Production Soon


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Last week we ran a story about the possibility that Apple’s long-rumored iTV was in the works and being readied for a mid-2012 release. Those rumors sprang from apparent meetings between Apple and the representatives of various entertainment companies, who apparently wanted some idea of where Apple was going in the television market. Those rumors have new life this morning, thanks to reports that the TVs will be going into production soon.

Citing “industry sources” in the supply chain for Apple’s products, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple’s suppliers are going to be preparing to manufacture iTVs in the first quarter of 2012. On that production schedule, the TVs would probably be ready for release sometime during the summer of 2012. Not to be confused with the Apple TV, Apple’s popular set-top boxes, the iTV would be an actual television, with the same functionality as the Apple TV built in.

Rumors of an Apple-branded television have swirled since the launch of the Apple TV several years ago - the original Apple TV released in 2006, the current generation model in the fall of 2012. This time, however, it is starting to look like the rumors may actually amount to something, and there may be an Apple-branded TV in the works.

What do you think? Should we expect an iTV next year? Will you buy one? Sound off in the comments.