Ruben Studdard Coming Back To "Biggest Loser"

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Ruben Studdard will be getting a second chance at achieving his goal weight after it was revealed that trainer Jillian Michaels broke some rules last week; as part of her punishment, the Red Team will welcome back Studdard and the Blue Team will once again have immunity.

Studdard was eliminated last week even though he lost a total of 39 pounds during his time on the ranch; unfortunately, his loss wasn't enough to keep his team from sinking after a slow week, and he was given the boot.

“I worked really, really hard this week,” he said on the show. “I swam extra. I walked extra….This experience is one of the toughest things I’ve been through. I’ve been through two-a-day football practices; I’ve been through the ‘American Idol’ experience; I’ve been through a lot of mentally and physically challenging experiences in my life. And this, you know, ranks right up there at the top.”

The "American Idol" alum has been keeping up with his training at home, however, and will be returning to the Biggest Loser ranch 65 pounds lighter than he left it, which means the Red Team will have that much more of an advantage.

Michaels didn't apologize for her actions--giving her team a caffeine supplement--but said that she regrets putting her team in jeopardy.

"I stand by my opinion: a caffeine supplement is significantly healthier than unlimited amounts of coffee," she said. "My only regret is that my team … they're the ones suffering the consequences of my professional opinion."

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