Royal Baby Due Date: Kate Middleton Could Give Birth By End Of The Week


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The royal baby due date has been a hot topic among royal family fans since Kate Middleton and Prince Williams announced last year that they were expecting. Now it seems that we could see a new prince or princess by the end of this week.

Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, revealed this week that Middleton should be giving birth by the end of this week. During a visit to a children's hospital, she said that she hopes "by the end of the week he or she will be there." The he or she being referred to is of course the royal baby that everybody is just dying to see.

Middleton's and Prince William's child has been the subject of intense speculation for the past few months as the due date draws ever closer. In May, many speculated that the baby would arrive on July 13 - the date of the Queen's Coronation Festival. Obviously, that didn't happen.

Missing the previously rumored due date isn't going to deter the press though. There were reports last week that the press has crowded around St. Mary's Hospital for any news on Middleton and the baby. The royal family will of course be the first to know when Middleton goes into labor, but the press is competing to see who among them will be the first to report it.

Beyond that, we now just have to play the waiting game. Middleton is obviously due to deliver any time now, but the baby could prove that it already has some royal learnings by showing up fashionably late. The royal family probably wants to get it over with sooner rather than later though so they can finally relax just a little bit. Well, that is until the little prince or princess becomes the focus of attention for all of Great Britain and fans of the royal family the world over.

[h/t: Mirror News]