Rovio's 'Bad Piggies' Gets an Update and Grappling Hook


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Though Rovio's core business is promoting and merchandising its Angry Birds franchise, the spinoff mobile game Bad Piggies is also getting some support this week. Bad Piggies was released last fall and became an instant hit, though the app hasn't had the staying power of the Angry Birds games. Instead of mindlessly launching birds, Bad Piggies tasks players with constructing simple machines to transport the green pigs through maze-like levels. Previous updates to the game include the "Flight in the Night" and "Road Hogs" updates.

The new update is called "Rise & Swine," and features 30 new levels, a new time-challenge level, and a new sandbox level. Also included are new power-ups such as super glue, magnets, and turbo charges. The power-ups can be earned by feeing the King Pig various foods that can be found within the levels. A new "Super Mechanic" item will also debut in the update, providing players with a "perfect" machine for a given level.

A new tool has also been included in the update. As seen in the update teasers below, the grappling hook can connect to any surface to swing the pigs around: