Rosie O'Donnell To Return To "The View"

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Rosie O'Donnell left "The View" in the midst of controversy after several public spats with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck--and with Barbara Walters--but apparently, she's ready to put it all behind her to return as a guest.

The former talk show host will appear on the show on February 7, but she won't have to deal with Hasselbeck, who has moved on to "Fox And Friends". As for her relationship with Walters, it appeared to be strained when she wrote about the veteran journalist in her biography, "Celebrity Detox".

“And Barbara. At some point, a person gets tired. It’s inevitable...Barbara Walters is almost twice my age . . . at some point it becomes necessary to step back. Everyone has to go. Going is part of the gig," O'Donnell wrote.

O'Donnell has said that one of the reasons she was "fired" was that she refused to wear an earpiece and say what the producers were prompting, like the other co-hosts. But whatever bad blood might have been between them before has apparently dissipated, as Walters released a statement on O'Donnell's return

"I have great affection for Rosie and we have remained in contact through the years," Walter said. "I am happy to welcome her back to the program. She is always a lively and engaging guest and a part of the show's successful history."

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