Ronda Rousey Isn't Set On Taking Hiatus

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Ronda Rousey has quickly risen to the top of the ranks in the world of UFC, which has helped secure her a career in Hollywood when she's not in the ring. Her famous work ethic has a lot to do with her meteoric rise, and she says it's keeping her from being set on taking that hiatus everyone is whispering about before her big New Year's fight.

Rousey will take on Alexis Davis this weekend in a much-discussed battle, but after that she says she'll be willing to jump back in the ring for the UFC if they need her.

"I'd like to fight again on New Year's, take a little break in between then, but the UFC knows if there's an emergency, or if they need me, I'll step up on 24 hours' notice," she said. "I definitely don't like resting too much. That high after a win is what I enjoy the most, not sitting around and resting. I can really only enjoy the rest while that high still lingers, so there's only so long I can enjoy sitting on the couch and eating as much pie as I want and then going to the gym and pressing repeat. I really need that big goal and obstacle to be excited about what I'm doing."

Rousey previously said that the outcome of this fight with Davis will have a lot of repercussions and might even affect her standing in Hollywood, where she is working on films like The Expendables 3 and Entourage.

“The only thing I care about is beating Alexis. My whole fighting career and my whole Hollywood career depend on it,” she said last month.

Rousey was originally rumored to be going up against Gina Carano for the July 5th fight, a match which was supposed to be a comeback of sorts for Carano. Once word got out, however, several people had a lot to say about it, including Rousey's arch rival Miesha Tate.

“The only thing that drives that is they’re both attractive. It makes the women’s title hold no value. It makes it look like it’s a joke and they just put whatever’s going to sell. If we’re going to really legitimize women’s MMA as a sport and have it respected as a sport, then you have to treat it as such….women’s MMA has been working to legitimize ourselves for so long, and we finally broke the ice, we’re finally in the UFC, and we’re getting some credibility. Don’t take that away by putting a fight together that is based entirely on looks and has little to nothing to do with skill set,” Tate said.

Davis eventually was announced as Rousey's opponent, and said the match will be one to go in the record books.

“I feel great. I’m privileged to have this opportunity. Whether the fans are behind me or not, Ronda and I are going to have an incredible fight. Either way, something is going to happen that you’re going to be talking about for weeks on end,” Davis said.

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