"RoboCop" Reboot: Trailer Gets Very Mixed Reviews

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"RoboCop" was a marvel when it came out; for those of us who were kids when it was released, it was the movie we snuck to watch on HBO because it was gory and full of violence and, of course, ED209. A cop who was part tragic human, part robot who rescued ladies in distress and delivered great one-liners? There was never a doubt that it would be awesome.

The reboot, however, is getting some very mixed reviews. It seems that in Twitter-land, those young'uns who haven't seen the original yet are excited by the trailer, but lovers of the original range from unsure to downright irate about the new version. Despite a cast that includes such stellar choices as Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson, the choice for Robocop himself--"The Killing" actor Joel Kinnaman--is still up in the air, and the redesign of Robo's gear is getting some (negative) comparisons to Batman.

Of course, with any reboot there will be changes, and that is usually a good thing; otherwise, we'd just be watching a frame-by-frame remake of a movie that probably didn't need to be remade. But one issue some fans have (ahem, me) is that Murphy is taken out by a car bomb rather than the thugs that have been plaguing the police force, which seems a bit impersonal. One great aspect of the original movie is that RoboCop becomes a tragic figure that we can empathize with through flashbacks and memories of his own horrific murder.

At any rate, here's what the people of Twitter are saying about it. "RoboCop" hits theaters February 7, 2014.

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