Robin Quivers Says Cancer Is Gone, Stayed On-Air Through Pain

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Robin Quivers announced today on the Howard Stern Show that she is cancer free, and said that working helped her while she was battling the hateful disease.

Quivers--who has been Stern's on-air companion since the early '80s--has been fighting cancer of the uterus for the past fifteen months and has undergone radiation, chemotherapy, and two surgeries. Amazingly, she has only missed two days of work since the treatment began and even signed on via remote from her home when she was physically unable to go to the studio.

“It never occurred to me not to be on the air,” Quivers said. “When I was on the air, I was pain-free.”

Stern says he was "flabbergasted" when Quivers told him she wanted to continue to work.

“I gotta be honest, I thought she was a goner,” Stern said. “I can’t tell you how dire everything seemed.”

Quivers said her doctors told her a few months ago that the cancer is gone and is excited to get back into the studio; for now, she's still adding her two cents via remote.

Stern made headlines back in July when he hosted Sydney Leathers, the young woman who claimed to have a text-and-online relationship with Anthony Weiners and eventually made a foray into porn. Leathers didn't hold back on the show and said she has plans to release a song about their time together.


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