Rob Ryan's Hair Stands In The Way Of Coaching NFL


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New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan is thought to have had the best performance of all of the assistant coaches in the NFL this season. So why is he not a leading candidate for a head coaching position? Apparently, it's his hair that is standing in the way of moving up in the NFL, seeing as though he is the only one of the 32 NFL head coaches with hair past his ears.

“If he wants to be a head coach, he has to cut his hair,” ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said. “It is about image for these guys. They want a CEO-type. That’s what they want.” Mortensen said that he came to this conclusion after talking to several different executives, and getting their opinions of what they want in their head coaches appearances.

Despite his hair, head New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton thinks that he would be an obvious choice for a head coaching position. “Obviously he’s a coach that I think is going to be a head coach,” said Payton. “Obviously we made great improvements from a year ago. He brings an enthusiasm with him, a personality that is contagious. You know, he’s a great staff person as well, gets along with the coaches...Shoot, the first year, it was a very important hire for us, an important piece of what we’re trying to do. And he’s extremely passionate about the game.”

Safety Malcolm Jenkins thinks that Ryan should be considered as for a head-coaching position as well. “I think so. Why not? I think what he has done with our defense is obviously monumental and is obviously big on his resume,” Jenkins said. “He’s obviously a motivator of men, and that’s the first thing you need. But I’m not hiring, so that’s up to somebody else.”

What do you think? Should Ryan have to cut his hair to get a head coaching position? Leave your comments below.

Image via NDN